About Jason Kruger

A Personal and Professional Journey

Family First: My Driving Force

I'm Jason Kruger, and above everything, my family is my cornerstone. I cherish the moments I can spend with my wife and children, be it running school errands or ensuring their well-being with doctor visits. The flexibility of working from home has been a blessing, allowing me to be present in ways my father couldn't, due to his demanding job at a multinational company. This contrast shaped my early resolve to forge a different path — one where I could be both a successful entrepreneur and a present family man.

My Mission

To empower coaches by simplifying online marketing tech, ensuring that tech frustrations never stand in the way of their business success.

The Dream to Work for Myself

Since my teenage years, fueled by the scant time spent with my dad due to his work commitments, I harboured the dream of self-employment. In 2013, this dream materialised when I seized the opportunity to establish my own business. More than a decade later, the journey continues, a testament to the passion and hard work invested.

A Passion for Helping Others

Helping others isn't just something I do; it's ingrained in me. Whether on a personal or professional level, I've always positioned myself as someone ready to extend a helping hand — sometimes even at the cost of my priorities. This trait, while challenging to manage, is a core part of who I am and extends into my professional life, especially in helping coaches build their online presence.

Jason and the Kids

Why I Focus on Coaches

My affinity for helping coaches isn't arbitrary. It's the result of years of working closely with individuals passionate about making a difference in others' lives, just as I am about making a difference in theirs. Coaches, with their unique challenges and aspirations, resonate with me, making my work not just a job, but a mission.

Emphasising Strong Tech Foundations

As a technically minded individual with a background in IT and computer science, I understand the importance of a solid tech foundation. This understanding guides my approach to selecting and recommending systems that not only meet my clients' current needs but also grow with their business. My advocacy for ownership over renting digital space is rooted in experiences that highlight the volatility of relying too heavily on platforms like Facebook for business operations.

Jason and Reuben SA
Jason and Rachel

My Online Marketing Journey

My foray into online marketing began in 2009, alongside my dad, at an internet marketing conference. It was an eye-opener and laid the foundation for my career focus. My dad, an ideas man, leaned on me to actualise his vision of taking his coaching business online. Through our journey, I realised the gap that existed for many coaches — great ideas but little know-how in implementation. This gap is where I found my calling.

Building a Business to Support Coaches

The transition to full-time entrepreneurship came in 2013 after being made redundant from my IT manager position. This pivotal moment allowed me to dive headfirst into helping coaches establish and grow their online presence. From building websites to setting up email marketing systems, my goal has been to connect all digital dots for my clients, ensuring their online marketing machinery runs smoothly and efficiently.

Jason and Imogen SA

The Essence of Jason Kruger

At my core, I'm a passionate South African, a dedicated family man, and a professional committed to helping coaches succeed online. My journey, shaped by personal experiences and professional achievements, underscores my dedication to providing coaches with the tools and strategies they need to thrive in the digital age. Join me in navigating the digital landscape and let's build a successful online presence for your coaching business together.

Client Testimonials

Ferhat Uddin
3 months ago
Jason took time to understand my business needs and created a fresh, easy to navigate website for me. He managed any changes I needed, and...
Sally Kirkman
4 weeks ago
Great level of tech knowledge and easy and friendly to work alongside. Always willing to help answer any question, no matter how small or complex....
Hannah Roberts
3 months ago
What would take me days, weeks, months and a lot of procrastination - Jason can achieve in a matter of hours. Highly recommend.
Siobhan Guthrie
a year ago
I hired Jason to hand over a lot of the tech work that I'd been doing myself, but with technology changing so much, I was...
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