Growing Up

I spent my childhood years living in different countries, moving with my family from South Africa to Europe, firstly to France and then eventually the UK. Looking back I can see how this experience shaped my outlook and understanding of the world in a way that was different from others, and that would benefit me greatly in the future.

From the exposure to different people and cultures I learnt to welcome and absorb new ideas and to appreciate innovation, creativity and the variety of life – the things that still motivate and excite me today.

So unsurprisingly I chose a career in IT, and developed a strong desire to explore cutting-edge technologies in an industry that constantly evolves and produces fresh challenges and opportunities on a daily basis. I really enjoy working in an area where only those who thrive on mastering new applications and systems, and keeping their technical skills sharp, succeed.

So... Why do I do what I do?

I love to share my knowledge of web-development and automation with entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking to expand and enhance their business on the internet. So I decided to start my own company that helps businesses do this by finding dynamic marketing solutions for businesses.

I saw there was a distinct lack of awareness from the majority of web-developers, who lacked the crucial knowledge of digital marketing and understanding of their clients to really provide value for money. I was sure I could offer a more efficient and unique service that combined first-class web-design with business development – without exaggerated prices.

As a Certified Infusionsoft Partner I can also help my clients automate their businesses to provide them the time they need to work on the stuff that they are good at. It also means that new leads and business are not lost in the ether. Coupled with integrating it with membership sites you have a very powerful system.