Jason Kruger

Jason Kruger has lots of experience helping heart-centred business owners with their online marketing. He explains everything in a way that you will understand.   His journey started in 2009 when he went to his first online marketing conference with his Dad. At the time there wasn't all the technology we have now for online marketing and he had to figure it all out on his own. Fortunately for him, he has a tech background working in IT with a Computer Science Degree. In 2013, I had the opportunity to do this full time and he grabbed it with both hands. Since then he has helped many different businesses with their online marketing. From creating websites and membership sites to sales pages and payment systems. He has also learnt many different strategies along the way which he can use to advise his clients.

Guide to CRM Systems

Your online business has really taken off and your client list is growing by the day, so how do you still provide that friendly, intimate relationship with your customers while catering for your ever-expanding clientele? The answer is simple. It’s just three little words – Customer Relationship Management. Well, I say simple, but I don’t …

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What is CRM?

  It might sound like I’m stating the obvious here but the relationship between you and your customers will make or break your business. Good relationships will help your sales or services fly – and see your profits soar. But fail to provide a positive link and things could take a nosedive. That’s where three …

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