Email Marketing

Why Use Marketing Automation?

You’ve launched your business online and after the initial flurry of interest and sales you’re waiting for that all-important repeat custom to flood in. Yes, you’ve had a trickle of customers come back to you and some potential clients browsing your website, but how are you going to keep customers coming back time and time…

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What is Marketing Automation?

Remember the olden days when the woman behind the corner shop counter knew everything? She could tell you – whether you wanted to hear it or not – all the gossip from the nearby houses. From the ‘scandalous’ behaviour going on behind those curtains at No 30, to whoever had had a secret win on…

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Overcoming the 4 Common Email Marketing Mistakes

One of the main issues that I see people struggling with today is the lack of an effective email marketing system to generate a consistent flow of leads and income into their business. Over the last few years I’ve been working to solve this and today I want to tell you about 4 mistakes that people…

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