Why Use Marketing Automation?

Why Use Marketing Automation

You’ve launched your business online and after the initial flurry of interest and sales you’re waiting for that all-important repeat custom to flood in.

Yes, you’ve had a trickle of customers come back to you and some potential clients browsing your website, but how are you going to keep customers coming back time and time again?

Well, perhaps you could just sit back and wait – It’s just a matter of time isn’t it?

Dum-de-dum … any minute now… is that the sound of your fingers drumming on your desk? If so, what have you done wrong?

Well, in short, you’ve haven’t done anything wrong. But if you want build and maintain a highly-efficient and profitable business online, you have to be one step ahead of your competitors. Have you ever heard of marketing automation? Read on, it could be the answer you’ve been awaiting for.

You see customers have to have a reason to come back to you and your company. The ‘good old days’ where customers (businesses and individuals) would go to (and stay loyal to) a local source are long gone. With everything available at the click of a button it doesn’t matter if what they want is on the other side of the planet – if it’s cheaper and/or can reach them faster than your products – they’ll choose your competitor.

So what do you do? Well, use marketing automation. In short, it’s a software system that nurtures your existing customers. It personalises their experience with you.

It suggests products that you provide – and that they need – and gives them subtle but timely reminders when they should re-order products or services. Marketing automation is what makes an ordinary customer a HAPPY customer.

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You see if you’re steadily giving them the answers they need – they won’t be wasting their time asking questions elsewhere.

Take a look at Amazon, it’s the best example so far of marketing automation. It provides the initial service of giving the customer the option of buying the goods they need without any hassle – and then gives them suggestions of other, similar, products they might need.

It uses its database to find out about individual customers and what they need, what they look at on social media for instance, and uses multiple channels to build up a picture of each of them – their likes and dislikes. It gets a feel for the person and reaches out to them in a persuasive, but not overbearing manner. And not only does it do its research via multiple channels, it promotes itself through multiple channels to the customer. It doesn’t just rely on email for a single point of contact.

Some businesses may look at marketing automation as an unnecessary expense and go down the path of buying lists of email addresses instead. They assume past customers will always come back to them and now by sending out multiple emails they try to get a bigger share of the market with new customers.

Well, firstly, if you don’t nurture and look after your existing customers they’ll easily go elsewhere, and secondly, bringing in more new customers means you have to start the sales process all over again with them. These are effectively cold customers – receiving unsolicited emails on products or services they have no or, at best, little interest in. And of course the business could easily be classed as spammers – and their emails completely ignored.

So if you want to improve the flow of success down your sales funnel, marking automation could be what makes your business boom. It could make you stay ahead – you never know, some day Amazon make come knocking on your door for advice.

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