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Are you struggling with the online marketing tech? Then join the FREE membership where I post weekly videos.

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I have created this free membership because I saw a need to create an area where people can go to get the information they need easily. If there is something missing, just let me know and I can make sure that something is created to fill that need.

However, I can't provide everything for free and that is where the paid membership comes.  This is called the Online Tech Without Trauma Membership.  This will include more support.

If you can't afford that just yet, then the free membership will help you get started.  I want to make sure that everyone has the resources they need to get started and progress with their online business.

I am really excited about the new membership platform that is housing all my videos.  It has some great features and more are still being developed.

The main one that I am excited about is the ability to search.  Now I know what you are saying, search?  But this is different because all the videos that are added to the site, get transcribe automatically which means that all the content within the videos is searchable.

So if there is something specific that you are looking for, you can type it in and it will bring up all the videos that contain that term and when you click on it, it will take you to that exact point in the video.

Pretty powerful if you ask me!

I hope you enjoy this feature as much I do.

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Client Testimonials

Mel Noakes

Mel Noakes
I have had my website for several years but didn't really effectively manage it, I just assumed it would be fine.  Just before speaking at a large event one of my crucial pages went down and I couldn't figure out how to get it back.  It made me realise how crucial it is to maintain and backup my website!
Finding Jason has been a godsend.  Nothing is ever too much trouble and he's more than a safe pair of hands, it's such piece of mind to know he's on my team and worries about all the tech things I don't have to.  He's helped me make my site responsive, made some great changes to help the speed of the site and overall look and feel and he's done it quickly and at a really competitive budget.  
All this means I don't have to worry about my site anymore and I can feel confident that it's working as it should and will be cared for and when new things are needed Jason will let me know.  But I also know as I grow and I need my site to develop and be more sophisticated, Jason will be there to support and guide me.  This is why I recommend him so highly - he becomes part of your team and cares just as much, if not more, than you do about your site. 
Karen MacFadyen

Karen MacFadyen

Cake Coach Online -

I have been working with Jason Kruger’s services for a while now. 

 Jason is extremely knowledgeable understanding WordPress inside out, as well as constructing membership sites (Memberium and 10XPro)  alongside Infusionsoft.

Most importantly Jason does not just design a website – he wants the website to actually do the job it was designed to do – attract traffic and convert to sales.  

Jason is very patient with my questions and gets the work done.  He successfully eradicated all the malware from my website and corrected errors that my previous web designer had no clue about, simplifying the customer journey in the process.

We are currently building up the traffic and seeing positive results being tracked.  

I can recommend Jason to anyone wanting ongoing support for their WordPress website, membership area and Infusionsoft. 

It’s great to have a consultant who knows of the current marketing trends and can support my business for all the applications that I use. 

I have no hesitation in recommending Jason’s services.

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