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Effortlessly Elevate Your Coaching Presence with Swift, Customised Website Solutions

Say Goodbye to Cookie-Cutter Templates. Welcome to Your Tailored Website.

I know what's going through your mind... "A customised website crafted so quickly must surely come with a hefty price tag, right?"

Every time you spot another coach's dazzling website, you can't help feeling a little green with envy. You catch yourself spending more time admiring it than you'd like. Despite the top-notch quality of your coaching services, it's frustrating when potential clients overlook you because your online presence doesn't quite capture your expertise.

You've given those ready-made website templates a go, only to find they don't showcase your unique brand the way you envisioned. Those precious hours you've dedicated to navigating website design could have been better spent connecting with your dream clients or on tasks that actually boost your income.

Let's be honest, you're feeling stuck, perhaps even a tad embarrassed about your current website—if it even qualifies as one. It feels like you're cycling hard but going nowhere, trapped in this vicious cycle of needing to draw in new clients without the proper digital stage to shine on.

RapidLaunch Explained:

Crafting Your Unique Coaching Website with Care


Imagine having the perfect website tailored just for you, without the weeks of waiting and hassle. The thought of bringing your dream website to life might seem daunting. I get it—the design process is complex, creating the perfect user experience is an art, and coding the unique features that distinguish you from the rest requires skill.

Not to mention the tech...

It's no wonder your website project keeps being pushed back! However, that all changes starting now...

Dr Ferhat Uddin

Jason took time to understand my business needs and created a fresh, easy to navigate website for me. He managed any changes I needed, and then went through how I could update the website myself in the future. Would recommend!

Dr Ferhat Uddin

Wendy McCristal

Jason was thorough and professional in building me a new website for my business. He also pointed out a few thing I was paying for behind the scenes and saved me quite a lot of money! Great Job!

Wendy McCristal

Craft Your Ideal Coaching Website Swiftly with RapidLaunch

Swift Website Solutions for Coaches

Experience the Advantage of a Bespoke Website Appearance That SHOUTS

Premium Design (Without the Premium Cost)!

With the a RapidLaunch Coaching Website you’ll:

Become the proud owner of a professionally developed, done-for-you website.

This way, you avoid spending unnecessary time or money trying to build it yourself

Move away from generic templates that fail to capture your business's unique brand and personality.

Gain confidence in a website that truly reflects your distinct brand and services.

Launch your site in only a few weeks

No more enduring the painful months of waiting for your website to come to life

How does the RapidLaunch Coaching Website work…

1. Client Briefing

During our Zoom call, we'll go over the project brief together. We'll identify your target audience and the services you provide, examine websites you admire, and discuss design options that truly represent your value. Additionally, you'll be given my "RapidLaunch Website" questionnaire to complete before our meeting.

2. Schedule a Time Slot

Next, I'll propose several possible dates for your RapidLaunch Day. Simply choose your preferred date to lock it in. These dates will typically be at least 4 weeks from the Client Briefing call.

3. Design Concepts

Have a look at sites that you like and then send me the links and let me know what you like about them. These will be used as inspiration for your site.

4. Provide Content

At this stage, I kindly request that you forward me any images, testimonials, your logo (should you have one), and all content. If you're collaborating with a copywriter, this would be the moment to expedite their content creation process. Please ensure all materials are submitted to me two weeks before the scheduled RapidLaunch Day. Failure to do so could result rescheduling your launch day.

5. Build the Website

Right after our detailed briefing call, we dive straight into the initial construction phase of your website. I'll begin laying the groundwork based on the design concepts and content you've shared with me. Two weeks prior to your RapidLaunch Day, this is when the magic really happens – I start finessing and refining the build, incorporating all the content you’ve provided.

You'll receive a link to preview your website's draft. This is your chance to explore, reflect, and let me know any adjustments you'd like. My focus? To ensure your site doesn’t just look stunning but feels just right and operates flawlessly, aligning perfectly with your vision.

6. RapidLaunch Day

My RapidLaunch Day is a pivotal moment in bringing your coaching website to life. On this day, we'll dive deep into a comprehensive review of your entire site, ensuring every detail aligns with your vision. It's an opportunity for us to collaborate closely, fine-tune any elements, and implement any final adjustments. Following this collaborative review, we'll celebrate as your site officially goes LIVE, beginning a new chapter for your coaching business.

7. Training

Following your RapidLaunch day, I'll schedule a training session for you, allowing some time for you to explore your new website. During this session, I'll guide you through the process of updating and modifying your site. I'll record this call, providing you with a valuable resource to refer back to in the future.

Exclusive Focus:

Limiting to 3 RapidLaunch Sites Monthly for Unmatched Quality

The RapidLaunch Coaching Website is right for you if…

You are a coach and need a professional website

You are comfortable with creating your own content

Time is of the essence, and you plan to move quickly

You already have a website but it is a self-build

It's probably not the best option for you if…

You require advanced functionality

You are an e-commerce business that need a shop or store build for them

You are a coach who prefers to spend months tinkering with and slowly launching their website.

If you are a startup and currently don't have a website. In this case please look at my CustomCraft Websites


(Payment Plan Available)

1-1 Client Briefing

In our Zoom meeting, we'll review your project details, pinpoint your target audience and services, explore websites you like, and consider design choices that best reflect your value. You'll also receive the "Website in a Day for Coaches" questionnaire to fill out prior to our session.

10 page WordPress Website Built With Beaver Builder

I will build a website of up to 10 pages for you during the build day. If you require more, I can't guarantee that we will have enough time on the day to create these, however, you can add these yourself easily afterwards.

If you require a landing page for a lead magnet, then I will ensure that this is created as well as part of the 10 pages.

Responsive Web Design

Your site will be mobile responsive out of the box which allows the site to be viewed on any device.


If you need to integrate your newsletter/mailing sign-up to your site, I will make sure that this is done for you.

Simple Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Setup

I will ensure that simple SEO is done for the site like SEO titles and descriptions and the technical SEO. For more advanced SEO, you will require an SEO expert.

Free SSL

Sites need an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate to encrypt data between the website and its visitors, ensuring any information exchanged (like credit card numbers or personal details) remains private and secure from hackers. It also boosts trust with visitors and can improve your site’s ranking on search engines.

3 Months Free Hosting

I provide hosting as part of the package for 3 months. This allows me to launch the site very quickly ensuring that there are no complications during the launch. It also means that I can guarantee the site works perfectly. Other hosting might not be optimised for the site.

After the 3 months, you have the option to stay with me for £99 per month which includes daily backups, full maintenance of the site and unlimited small changes per month (subject to fair use).

Training Call

Once the site goes live, I will schedule a training call where I will go over every aspect of the site. This ensures that you will be able to edit the site yourself if you ever need to.

Why Choose Me for Your Coaching Website?

Launch Your New Website Today

Book your free discovery call now, and let's fast-track the launch of your new coaching website with RapidLaunch!

RapidLaunch Coaching Websites FAQs

While the service is named "RapidLaunch," the entire process is designed to ensure quality and thoroughness, typically taking about 4 weeks from the initial briefing call to the website going live. This timeframe allows for careful planning, content gathering, site building, and revisions to ensure your website fully meets your expectations.

Before the RapidLaunch Day, you'll need to provide all necessary content, including text, images, and any specific design elements you want incorporated. It's also helpful to share examples of websites you like and any branding guidelines to ensure the final product aligns with your vision. A detailed checklist will be provided to guide you through the preparation process.

Your website will be custom-built to reflect your unique brand and coaching philosophy. While the process is streamlined for efficiency, it does not rely on cookie-cutter templates. Each website is designed with a personalised approach to ensure it stands out and resonates with your ideal clients.

Yes, you will be empowered with the tools and knowledge to make updates to your website yourself. Whether you want to add a blog post, change a photo, or update content, the goal is for you to be able to manage your site independently, with ongoing support available if needed.

The RapidLaunch service sets a solid foundation for your website, but it's also built with future growth in mind. Should you require more complex features later, such as e-commerce capabilities or booking systems, you can easily reach out to discuss expanding your site's functionalities to accommodate your business's evolving needs or you can add the features yourself.

Getting started is simple. Book a complimentary consultation call where we'll discuss whether this service is the right fit for your needs. If you decide to proceed, you'll then book your client briefing call, and we'll set a date for your website's RapidLaunch Day, moving forward with the preparation and building process.

We will schedule at least 2 Zoom calls on this day. The first one should be set for as early as possible on this day so that we can discuss the website and any last-minute changes. The second one is scheduled for later when all changes are made and we are ready to go live. We then make the DNS changes during the call to get the site live.

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