I have called them Marketing Websites as that is exactly what they have been designed to do.  Many websites today look good but do they actually help you grow your business?  These Marketing Websites are simple but effective in showing what you do, simple call to action and grow your list.

So how is this done?  There are two versions of these sites:

  1. 2 Page website - The homepage and the call to action page.
  2. 3 Page website - The homepage, the blog and the call to action page.

The homepage is divided into sections.  Each section has its own purpose.  A call to action, getting to know the team, the services you offer, a map of your location if you are a brick and mortar business and many more.

The homepage can have different sections depending on the type of business you have.

The blog page can hold as many blog posts as you can write.  The blog posts show potential clients what you can offer them through the content that you write.  It also allows us to use the blog posts for Facebook marketing.

The call to action page is very important as this will describe the steps to contact and work with you.

You can few a couple of examples below.  Just click on the images to be taken to the site.

Jason is a dream of a website developer. His work his accurate and well-informed, so the results look good and have superb functionality. It really is a pleasure to work with him, because he “gets” what I want first time, is generous with his time and can work to a deadline!
Jason is also a really nice person. I definitely recommend his services.

Oona Alexander, Parenting Specialist