5 Ways to Promote a Webinar on Social Media

5 Ways to Promote a Webinar on Social Media

So many people run webinars nowadays but they only rely on one or two methods to promote it. These are normally their email lists and maybe a few posts on social media.

They then wonder why they don’t have many people register and attend the webinar. There are many other ways to promote it on social media and make sure that you have more people register and to freshen up your list as well.

So in this video we’ll show you 5 ways that you can promote your webinar on social media to help you gain more awareness and people registering.

1. One-On-One Conversation

Having one-on-one conversations on social media with people through private messages and direct messages is known to be very effective, note it is also very difficult to scale. You would need to have hundreds of one-on-one conversations with people in order to achieve your end result.

Twitter is one of the easiest platforms to start one-on-one conversations, as all you need to do is add the person’s username right at the start of your tweet. However, sending too many similar direct messages including links can raise flags and lead to the suspension of your account, so make sure you do not include any links in your messages until the person actually responds and is happy for you to share your link.

2. Paid Ads

Paying for advertising on social networks is probably one of the most effective ways to increase your webinar registrations. The biggest social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram now allow you to reach more people by simply paying for it.

The key when using paid advertising is in the targeting and retargeting. At first, your ads might not perform very well as people will not recognise who you are when you appear in their newsfeed, and therefore not click on your ads. The secret is to then retarget the people who did click on your ads but didn’t convert into a registration. Success always comes from the follow up.

3. Live Videos

Live videos have become very effective for marketing and social networks now allow you to easily broadcast your own live videos. In fact, live videos tend to have more organic reach than standard posts.

The key to successful live videos is how much planning you put into them. You will need to outline first what you want to say, then rehearse it to make sure when broadcasting live, your delivery is flawless, straight to the point and confident.

An effective live video to promote a webinar should start with a headline that is likely to catch your target audience’s attention. Then, it should include the benefits of attending the webinar, details of when the webinar will take place, and finally, a strong call to action.

4. Premieres

Premieres are very similar to live video with one big difference. These can be pre-recorded. This allows you to get the video that you really want without worrying about making mistakes as these can be edited out.

What is really nice with premieres is that you can schedule these and everyone that is following you will get a notification. This ensures that people will know when you are posting the video and are more likely to watch it.

However, you don’t want to post all your videos as premieres as this can become annoying to your followers and are more likely to turn off.

5. Influencers

Social media influencers are usually self-made internet stars, well known in their industry, have high engagement levels on social networks, have authority and credibility in their industry and have large and specific audiences on social media. What this means, is that you can now partner with influencers in your industry for them to endorse your webinar.

For example, should you have a webinar on how to improve golf skills, get in touch with a social media influencer in the golf industry (such as a golf blogger) asking him or her to consider promoting your webinar in exchange for something.

When they do, your chances of increasing your webinar registrations are very high.

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