The ScoreApp walkthrough and why I like it

In my last newsletter, I mentioned that I was going to do a proper review of ScoreApp.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, ScoreApp is a quiz builder with a difference.

It is based on Scorecard Marketing which uses the data collected to instantly provide valuable insights back to the person taking it.

This is great as you can show where there might be weaknesses that the taker needs to work on.

To show you how it all works and the reasons why I like it so much, I created a new video.

You can watch it below:

During the video, I walk through each section of the software and how you set it up.

I also give you reasons why I like it so much.

A quick summary of those reasons are:

  • Easy to set – No time wasted trying to figure it all out
  • Great support – if you get stuck at any point, you can book a 30-minute call with one of their representatives who will go through your questions, landing page and results page and give you feedback.
  • Integrations – being able to connect your CRM system so that you can create a follow-up email sequence
  • Lots of info – they have created guides and blog posts to help you promote or create emails for your scorecard.

Overall, it is a great piece of software which I am going to use in my business to help me, help you in a better way.

If you like what you see and want to test it out for yourself then you can use my link below which will give you a 30-day trial instead of the usual 14 days.

Yes, I want to check out Scorecard

If you use my link and sign up after the trial, I will receive some commission from them.

Jason Kruger

Jason Kruger is a dedicated online marketing tech expert with a passion for helping coaches and entrepreneurs enhance their online presence. With a background in IT management and a degree in computer science, Jason brings a wealth of technical expertise and a logical approach to online marketing solutions. His journey began in 2009 when he attended an internet marketing conference with his dad, sparking a deep interest in helping others establish and grow their online businesses. Since taking the leap to start his own business in 2013, Jason has focused on assisting predominantly coaches, providing services ranging from website and membership site development to setting up comprehensive online marketing systems. Jason is committed to simplifying online marketing tech to help his clients grow their businesses without the overwhelm, leveraging his experience to find the right tools and systems that are not only effective but also easy to use and scalable. As a proud South African living in the UK, Jason's heart remains connected to his roots, and his passion for helping others shines through in every project he undertakes.

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