Jason Kruger


Mel NoakesMel Noakes

I have had my website for several years but didn't really effectively manage it, i just assumed it would be fine. Just before speaking at a large event one of my crucial pages went down and i couldn't figure out how to get it back. It made me realise how crucial it is to maintain and backup my website!

Finding Jason has been a godsend. Nothing is ever too much trouble and he's more than a safe pair of hands, it's such piece of mind to know he's on my team and worries about all the tech things i don't have to. He's helped me make my site responsive, made some great changes to help the speed of the site and overall look and feel and he's done it quickly and at a really competitive budget.

All this means I don't have to worry about my site anymore and I can feel confident that it's working as it should and will be cared for and when new things are needed Jason will let me know. But I also know as I grow and I need my site to develop and be more sophisticated, Jason will be there to support and guide me. This is why I recommend him so highly - he becomes part of your team and cares just as much, if not more, than you do about your site.

John WilliamsJohn Williams

I’ve been working with Jason for a few years now and love how he works quickly and reliably on complex technical tasks in WordPress, Infusionsoft and integration. That’s why I recommend him to all my clients too.

Working with Jason has been a joy. Not only is he super-fast and so effective at working within the set time-scales, but he presents the work in such a comprehensive way, even for a technophobe like me, I had no trouble understanding the site. He is very good at understanding the brief and your objectives and working closely with you to produce something you can be proud of and want to show-off to your audience. He is very accommodating and appreciates all your requirements, and nothing is ever too much trouble. I loved his tutorial at the end and it’s recorded so you can replay if there’s anything you didn’t get first time. I will be using Jason again and he is a firm part of my Marketing team.

Julia Elmore

I had a rough idea of what I wanted for my website and Jason swiftly turned this into a workable site that fitted my specifications and was delivered on deadline. He was a pleasure to work with, making adjustments to the initial idea as requested and to suit the purpose of my site. I now have a website I am proud to share. I am now happily updating it myself and making the most of the plugins he installed.

Anna Davidson-Thawe

Before I took Jason’s workshop I was up the creek without a paddle as regards many of the technical aspects of running my business. The smallest thing could take me several hours and result in much frustration and hair-pulling. Wasted time (and therefore money) which could have been much better spent actually delivering my services and working with clients. I had been told by others to “Just” look on-line and all my problems would be solved – but it’s not that easy. I really needed to be shown and have some basic principles explained. Now I have much more confidence to try things. Jason was infinitely patient and caring and very thorough. He led us step by step so we could see and understand the processes which made them accessible and logical. Which means! I actually get excited at the prospect of eg building a list for emails: I never thought I would hear myself say that! Also I have somebody reliable, trustworthy – and plain bloody brilliant! – to turn to for advice or to delegate stuff to. That is why I am infinitely relieved! I cannot recommend Jason highly enough. He is a dedicated, knowledgeable professional who actually ENJOYS this stuff as well as being good at it – you can even get to share his enthusiasm!

Cillabella Cerredo

I am so glad I stopped wasting time and energy trying to set up my website myself and resorted to Jason Kruger's speedy expertise. He immediately understood exactly how I wanted things and set it up for me very quickly, sales page and all. He got back to me right away with answers to my many questions and empowered me to take over the management of my site with the help of videos and explanations on Skype, all that for a very reasonable price. I saved my energy for producing content instead of struggling with the technical stuff I'm not good at. An investment worth every penny!

Mirna HidalgoWiserGems

Jason is fast, honest and practical. He is patient, answers all your questions without confusing you with technical jargon and provides great value for money. When I hear what other people have paid for their websites and compare results, I feel I won the lottery with Jason!

Katherine LonghiEventful Travel

Trustworthy. Reliable. Fast. Knowledgable. Awesome. That is how I describe working with Jason Kruger. There are many options out there in the world to work with when it comes to IT professionals, but you are not going to find any better that are willing to exceed your expectations and take care of you and your business like Jason will. Stop looking for your IT solution and choose Jason Kruger and start spending your time doing what you do best.