Website Maintenance, Why It Is Needed

Website Maintenance Why It Is Needed


Website maintenance is a key part in making sure that your website is running smoothly.  Unfortunately most people ignore this or just don’t do it.  I don’t think that they realise how important it is.

I want to go through the processes with you to help explain why it should be done and more importantly why it should be done by someone having specialised experienced.

So what is website maintenance?

There are different elements to website maintenance.  One of the most important parts is creating a backup plan.  Most people back up their most important work.  So why wouldn’t you back up your website?  Is it not just as important?

You can do this yourself by installing a backup plugin but you need to monitor it and also make sure that you are NOT just backing it up to a default area which is normally right next to the website files.  It should be backed up to a secure offsite area so that if something does happen to your website, your backup is not compromised as well.

The second most important part of website maintenance is installing updates.  WordPress, themes and plugins are updated continuously.  This is sometimes to give you new features but more importantly because there is a security issue that they have fixed.

If you don’t update the software you are running the risk that your site becomes vulnerable to attacks.  But before you install any updates ALWAYS run a backup first just in case something goes wrong.

So what do I actually do when I look after your site?

First of all I use a software package to monitor all my clients’ sites which logs all updates together with the timing of when this has happened.  This enables me to keep a record of everything and in the near future I will be sending out client reports so that they can see what is going on with their site.

Before any work is done on your site, I first take a backup, I check the site, apply the updates and then check the site again for any issues.

I update my clients’ site twice a month, more if there is an urgent security update for WordPress or a plugin.  I take care which plugins are updated and if necessary split up the update process for additional quality control.

Will doing it yourself save you money?

The answer is simply yes and no.  Yes if you are confident in making sure your site is backed up and installing updates and you are familiar with all the technical processes.  But one thing that you have to consider is that if something does go wrong, are you able to fix it?

Unfortunately if you came to me after something like this happened, it would cost you more than if I was doing the update in the first place.

The reason for this, like I said above, I would have a record of what was updated.  If you do it yourself there isn’t a record so there would have to be fault finding first to try and identify the issue.  This all costs money!

Inexperience and neglect can really harm the looks and functionality of your website.  When that happens, you have a choice to make.  You can either leave it as it is, try to fix it yourself or you can spend money on someone who is experienced to fix the problem.

Experience does count for something

Why did you start your business?  Is it because you have experience and are good at it?  The same goes for your website.  Wouldn’t you prefer to have someone that knows what they are doing maintaining your website.

You don’t go to the doctor to get your car fixed.

By having a proper care package for your site will save you money in the long run.  You don’t have to waste time learning new skills or paying someone every time there is an issue with your website.

The Choice Is Yours

If you are interested in the care plans that I provide, then please visit to see how I can help you.

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